The voice of the NGO Voiceless welcomes the new arrest

Transferred to Kinshasa, Doudou Ngoy Ilunga is heard at the military prosecutor’s office. Rostin Manketa, CEO of Voice of the Voiceless, wonders about the resumption of the trial of the alleged murderers of Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana. Human rights defenders were killed at the police station on June 1, 2010. Their NGO fears possible interventions to prevent the trial from resuming. She also fears for the lives of suspects.

with our correspondent in Kinshasa, Kamanda Wa Kamanda Muzembe

Brigadier General-Ngoy Ilunga Doudou, on the run for eleven years, was arrested on Tuesday, August 24 in Lubumbashi. For La Voix des sans voix, this new arrest is a step forward for the DRC’s military justice, thus giving the impression of working for the fight against impunity and crimes against human rights defenders.

The NGO says it is impatiently awaiting the resumption of the trial of the murders of Floribert Chebeya and Fidèle Bazana, with or without General John Numbi, the police chief at the time of the crime and who is on the run. The most important thing, adds Rostin Manketa, is that it is established that General Numbi is really the client and that one day he will be responsible for his actions.

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It was indeed a settlement, through lawyers, between John Numbi and the FARDC’s auditor. The first, from his hiding place outside the country, had challenged General Likulia and claimed that he had no opportunity to prosecute him. But the Constitutional Court ruled in favor of the high military magistrate, as he had permission from the hierarchy to prosecute the 4-star general.

And according to sources from the military prosecutor’s office, with the position of this constitutional court, the Chebeya trial can be resumed shortly.

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