the security crisis in the northwest complicates life

Getting married, registering a birth or a death has become very complicated in the northwestern part of Cameroon. Targets for the separatists, public buildings have been deserted in risk areas. Municipal services have taken refuge in Bamenda, the regional capital. To register for marital status, the inhabitants of the countryside and the small towns have no choice but to travel, with all the difficulties and risks it entails.

“It was a very stressful journey to get here to Bamenda,” says a young woman. To get married, she had to travel 55 kilometers on a dangerous stretch of road in poor condition. “We could not bring our family because we have no money. We spent three nights here, you have to buy the food, pay for the hotel. There are many people in the village who do not even have the opportunity to come here like us. “

This father came with his son. As an 18-year-old, he needs a birth certificate to take his exams: “I have been here for two days. In Batibo, the City Council is closed. The mayor told me to come here to Bamenda. I do not know anyone. I had to pay 20,000 CFA francs for the hotel. But I still have not seen the mayor and I have to go without the document, it is terrible. “

“Public services are attacked by our own brothers”Within the urban community Bamenda itself, municipal buildings had to move due to insecurity. Tsé Louis Angwafo, mayor of Bamenda 2, now serves in a prefabricated city center: “Public services are being attacked by our own brothers, it is truly a nightmare. Whatever dreams we have, we must save public services and allow normal people to have normal lives. “

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