the ruling party’s senator who was kidnapped in late April was

In Cameroon, the army announced on Monday that it had released the senator who was abducted a month ago by separatists in the northwestern region. Elizabeth Regina Mundi was abducted in Bamenda on April 30. The release of the senator took place after a military operation in Ashong, in the department of Momo. His prisoners demanded the exchange of prisoners and threatened to execute him.

The operation that led to the release of Senator Elizabeth Regina Mundi was launched on Sunday morning. It was a matter of getting closer to the place where the senator was held, according to the Cameroonian army. The statement from the Ministry of Defense spoke of a “refuge” for “heavily armed terrorists” who would have “opened heavy fire” on Monday night “to stop the progress” of Cameroonian soldiers.

The press release also indicates that the senator’s abductor would then have tried to escape with several hostages. The Cameroonian Ministry confirms that at the end of the operation, in addition to the senator, other people were released, without stating their number and identity. He also mentions the capture of three combatants who qualified as terrorists, the death of a dozen others and the seizure of munitions.

A version questioned by one of the military leaders of the Ambozian Defense Forces group who had taken responsibility for the kidnapping of Elizabeth Regina Mundi. Capo Daniel says it was out of “compassion and mercy” that the senator was “left on the road” during a “strategic withdrawal” so that Cameroonian soldiers could find her. Just like the equipment “voluntarily abandoned” by the separatists, who continue to claim independence from former British Cameroon and threatens retaliation against residents collaborating with Cameroonian forces.

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