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The Central African Republic is still awaiting confirmation from the Constitutional Court of the preliminary results of the presidential and legislative elections on 27 December. On the spot, the security situation is still unstable. Last Saturday, a new attack was carried out on the city of Bouar, and France came out of its silence again. This is the second time in less than two weeks – a rare event – that the Élysée has communicated. Presidents Macron and Touadéra met on Friday.

With our correspondent and our special correspondent in Bangui, Charlotte Cosset and Alexandra Brangeon

During this exchange, Emmanuel Macron reiterated “his firm condemnation” of armed groups and certain political leaders, including François Bozizé, who is trying to “undermine the peace agreements and the constitutional election process”. The French president also noted the preliminary results of the election, while stressing the need for an open and inclusive political dialogue, reports the Elysee press release. An attitude taken while the French commitment in the country is often questioned or even criticized in Bangui.

After an initial operation on December 23, Mirages flew over the western part of the capital at very low altitude, then the Mbaiki road up to Bimbo as well as positions on the road Boali and Damara. The French fighters also supported Faca and Minusca at Camp Leclerc in Bouar by carrying out three deterrent flights over the positions of the armed coalition, according to French military sources.

Car the city of Bouar was again the subject of a violent attack yesterday. Central African forces supported by Minusca confronted CPC forces. Quiet returned around noon. A government spokesman assured Saturday night that the rebels had been pushed out of the city.

Since the withdrawal of Operation Sangaris, the French military presence has been reduced to a minimum with an operational assistance department dedicated to protecting the airport. Since the formation of the armed coalition in December, Rwandan troops and Russian forces have been sent under bilateral defense agreements. They come to support the Central African Armed Forces on the ground.

Bangoussou under the rule of the rebels

Civil society is also concerned about the presence of armed groups in Bangassou, located 750 km east of the capital Bangui. She too was attacked by rebels last Sunday. It is now under the control of elements of the CPCs, this coalition of rebel groups. No one knows how many rebels there are in the city. But thousands of residents have fled Bangassou, fearing the humanitarian consequences of the presence of rebel groups in the city.

More than 10,000 people have fled the city since the rebels’ offensive to seek refuge in the bush or in neighboring Congo. Several people have drowned, say sources in Bangassou, crossing the river that separates the city from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The city’s entrances and exits are totally blocked, Vermont Bandassa worries: “It is really the rebels who control the city of Bangassou. They are on a par with the gendarmerie, the police station, on a par with the town hall. As long as the rebels remain in the city of Bangassou, activities will be paralyzed, the population will remain in the bush. “

Several international humanitarian organizations were looted last weekend as well as some shops by traders. The large market adjacent to the military camp, for its part, is closed.

What will happen if the rebel groups settle in the city for a long time, Ghislain Mbari wonders: “The elements of the CPC are there over time for almost a week today. When should they travel? If they no longer have enough to eat after the NGOs, they will go and look among the population to meet their needs. ”

Bangassou MP Serge Singha also expressed his concerns about the humanitarian situation in his constituency. All NGOs have been looted, he said, the population is not receiving any help.


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