the prime minister visits North Kivu in full excitement

In eastern DRC, Prime Minister Jean-Michel Sama Lukonde has been traveling in North Kivu since Thursday, September 22, on his way to Goma after visiting Ituri. At the head of a government delegation, he wants to review the state of siege, which gives the military full powers to secure and put an end to the armed groups in the region, including M23. The measure has been heavily criticized by civil society, the opposition and some majority actors.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

The Goma stage comes after the province of Ituri, which is most affected by the displacement of populations fleeing the violence of armed groups. The head of government spent 48 hours listening to local authorities, civil society and humanitarian actors who face an urgent need to help nearly two million displaced people.

After his interviews, the Prime Minister promised without further details, to requalify the state of siege, according to witnesses present. The same exercise will be on the menu in North Kivu, where the head of government arrived late Thursday afternoon with a delegation of six ministers. Among them, the defense Gilbert Kabanda and the Minister of Defense Julien Paluku, who was the governor of this province for half a dozen years.

The Prime Minister had already come to North Kivu for the same mission in April last year. But this time, the climate is even more tense with the resurgence of the M23 rebellion, the capture of the locality of Bunagana and the weakening of Monusco at demonstrations hostile to the presence of the UN force. Kinshasa has already limited the powers of the military governor of that province to handle political and administrative matters.

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