the Prime Minister presents to the political class

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The Prime Minister initiated the consultations, which will lead to the formation of the first government in the post-alliance era FCC-Cach. Political groups, socio-professional organizations and civil society will be received by the Prime Minister. The task will not be easy for Sama Lukonde, who, among other things, will consult the 24 political groups that make up the Holy Union, Felix Tshisekedi’s new platform.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

The leaders of political parties, deputies and senators were invited by the Prime Minister. For each of the delegations, Sama Lukonde presented the process that will lead to formation of the new government.

He outlined the main axes of his program, which is mainly about securing the eastern part of the country and the fight against poverty.

He also presented the criteria for being part of this team: morale, integrity, competence, experience and a clean criminal record are among the requirements of the new Prime Minister. He also informed the leaders of the political groups that the future ministers, once appointed, would sign a code of ethics.

The political forces that make up the new majority are also encouraged to present three candidates for each ministerial portfolio, taking into account the representativeness of vulnerable people, women and young people.

To this Monday, the Prime Minister met in particular Bahati Lukwebo’s AFDC-A.

These consultations continue until next Saturday.

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