the political-military groups in scattered order after

In Chad, President Mahamat Idriss Déby has reached out to political military groups on several occasions. On the eve of National Day, he launched “an urgent appeal to the political-military groups to reconsider their position and to return to us for a collective impetus”. A call heard by some.

The call was made by the president while the transitional authorities are making progress in organizing the inclusive dialogue planned for the end of the year. It was also heard by some as 25 returned this week to Chad, according to Mahamat Doki Warou.

This political adviser to the UFR president returned to Ndjamena on Tuesday after 20 years abroad.We decided to go home because we thought carefully about President Mahamat Idriss Déby’s appeal. At the moment, we take his word for it. We have confidence and I hope he will meet the challenge. We return at the request of the government to help rebuild our country. We are in agreement and willing to go to one inclusive national dialogue. We want to gather all the children of Chad to do dirty laundry as a family, he tells RFI.

But within the political-military groups, these returns are not unanimous. “We believe that none of our members left or joined Ndjamena. We know that one of our leaders, Mahamat Hano, has returned to the country, but apart from him, no other leader from UFR has returned. These are Chadian brothers returning to the country, it is their right to leave, but it does not affect us, neither near nor far, says Youssouf Amit, UFR spokesman.

The latter ensures that the political-military groups have not been officially contacted by Ndjamena regarding their participation in the inclusive dialogue.


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