the opposition supports Guy Nzouba-Ndama, accused of

In Gabon, opponent Guy Nzouba Ndama was provisionally released on Tuesday evening, but the president of the Les Démocrates party is accused of criminal association, money laundering, intelligence with a foreign power and attempted corruption. He had been arrested after his return from Congo-Brazzaville with more than one billion CFA francs in his suitcases. The case excites the political sphere and the opposition has come forward.

Several major opposition parties lined up behind it Guy Nzouba-Ndama. The National Union condemns a violation of its fundamental rights and speaks of an “instrumentalization of justice” against an “electoral competitor”. RPM notes him an “autocratic power drive” and an “interpellation show” which contrasts with the “enormous funds illegally deployed” by the regime’s cronies.

But the most virulent accusation came from Guy Nzouba-Ndama’s party. Democrats are demanding his “immediate and unconditional release.” And in the case of “power deafness, in the maneuver” the movement provokes “possible problems”.

Guy Nzouba-Ndama, for his part, is under house arrest and had to surrender his passport to the court. He is also preparing his defense. His lawyers suggest several leads, and in particular ask the investigating judge to take action. Interrogations, court requests or even a hearing of Guy Nzouba-Ndama… These are possible strategies.

Personal money or financing from abroad? On the merits, his camp says he carried his money, earned during his years in the highest offices of the state. But several sources wonder about a possible financing of the Gabonese opposition from Congo-Brazzaville, from which Guy Nzouba-Ndama returned.

Congo did not respond. A source in Brazzaville speaks of “political instrumentalization probably to prevent the opponent from running for president”. But one observer adds that the Congolese are monitoring accusations of a deal with a foreign power. “They are waiting to see if Gabon continues in this way and if this internal problem leads to a diplomatic crisis.” In Libreville, the authorities remain silent.

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