The opposition is urging Chadians to register on the electoral rolls

In Chad, the debate over the next election scheduled for 2021 is beginning to emerge. On the eve of the Independent National Electoral Commission’s revision of the electoral rolls, the opposition is urging Chadians to join the lists en masse, but for a variety of reasons.

Revision of electoral lists for the presidential electionbegins this Thursday, October 1, and the head of Transformers, Masra Succès, invites everyone Chadians who does not yet have a voting card to acquire what he calls a “massive transformation weapon”: “It is important to have your voting card, which is a weapon in the hands of every citizen. It is this weapon that he will use to put the ballot box. ”

According to him, every Chadian must be able to exercise their suffrage. “You must be able to go and vote, to go and check the voting results to ensure that all the conditions for transparency are met. This is why I say to the Chadians: “Start by getting your voter card by letting you register massively from October 1st to 20th,” he adds.

A “smart boycott”

In the same opposition camp, the president of the Union of Democrats for Development and Progress, Max Kemkoi, is also inviting Chadians to participate en masse, but for a completely different reason. For his part, he is promoting a “smart boycott”.

“On election day, you have to invest in all the polling stations to vote. And when you vote, you must not just choose one candidate, but vote for all the candidates on the ballot paper, so you cancel all the ballots and cancel the election, ”he explains.

The presidential election is scheduled for April 2021 and the parliamentary election a few months later. Until then, the “inclusive forum” examine the current constitution to possibly question the election calendar.


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