the opposition condemns a “massive” use of the vote

In the Central African Republic, nine presidential candidates seized the holding authority (ANE) on Monday 4 January. They condemn a number of “serious facts” that have undermined the “transparency” of the vote on 27 December and, in particular, the “massive” use, according to them, to vote by exemption through certificates signed by the former president of the ANE. They ask for explanations.

With our special correspondent in Bangui, Florence morice

The Electoral Code provides for practice with the exception, in other words, of the fact that a voter votes in a constituency other than his own, under very precise conditions. This is the case for mission officials, such as Must present their travel booking and a registration and cancellation certificate on the day of voting and then be bound by the minutes.

What condemns resistance, it is an application that is considered “massive” for this practice and except in the cases provided for by law. The signatories of the letter sent Monday morning to ANE, including Anicet Georges Dologuélé and Mahamat Kamoun, say, for example, that they have consulted certificates, visibly signed by the outgoing president of ANE, and authorize a voter registered in a district in Bangui must go and vote in another within the same constituency, which is not prescribed by law.

It must be remembered that last Tuesday, December 29th the network of civil society observers Arc-en-ciel was surprised to have observed a large number of votes on exemption in the capital. He had raised the issue of the “regularity” of these certificates. When asked about this, the outgoing president of ANE did not want to answer RFI’s questions.

Opponents therefore ask the authority responsible for elections for greater transparency in the subject. They ask him to provide the exact number of registration and radiation certificates issued as well as the names of their recipients and all the polling stations concerned. They also want the representatives of the candidates to be provided with the exemption registers kept in each polling station.


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