the Norwegian Financial Supervisory Authority on all fronts

The Financial Supervisory Authority is on all hot topics: pay officials, exemptions, responses to Covid-19, Go pass, Bukanda Lonzo … This institution, which relies on the Presidency of the Republic, is currently carrying out 34 control missions, including 26 in Kinshasa . However, it only has about forty inspectors still active. IGF has not recruited for thirty years. But, and this is a small revolution, with the support of the firm Price Waterhouse Cooper, it must in the coming weeks recruit about sixty inspectors. Nevertheless, before the end of the month, the IGF hopes to reach its conclusions on its main issues.

With our special correspondent in Kinshasa, 

For the report on the management of the response to Covid, it has been done. IGF focusedover six million dollars administered by the Minister of Health, and the case was sent to court. It is now on Parliament’s desk awaiting approval for a possible indictment.

But the IGF has also worked on exceptions. Out of more than 2,000 identified, 1,541 have already been canceled. This use of exemptions would have cost the Congolese state more than $ 5 billion in three years.

Summer embezzlement?

There is also the thorny issue of Go Pass, this tax imposed on all passengers traveling by air. The IGF suspects the Airways Authority of embezzling half of the money actually raised.

On the Bukanga Lonzo mega-agricultural project, it would be even more serious. Of the 300 million invested, just under 50 could be justified in light of the equipment currently in place.

During this school-back-school, the IGF also looks at the teachers’ payroll to identify the fictitious ones. More than 9,000 schools have been set up for the benefit the free primary school education, the reality of their existence on earth must still be confirmed.

In the hallways, many closed doors. At IGF, there are almost as many surveys as there are inspectors. On paper, the IGF has 72 inspectors, but more than 30 are over retirement age. The others had to adapt.

[Reportage] IGF recruits inspectors