The need for cyber security is increasing in Africa

A cyber attack takes place every 39 seconds worldwide, according to a UN assessment. Africa is no exception to the rule. Fishing, malware, identity theft, ransomware, threats are plentiful. An issue at the heart of start-ups ‘and companies’ reflections.

“Ah yes it’s a threat! Jacques Musafiri is in charge of e-com SAS, a company based in Kinshasa that primarily runs an e-payment platform.” You actually have to have teams or refer to professionals to protect this data. We have listeners who just let us suggest solutions, ”he explains.

If Jacques Musafiri is warned, many players on the continent have not yet taken up the challenge, according to Yvon Gatzono. A cache permanently blocks the camera on his phone. “Professional deformation,” he explains. Yvon Gatzono is the operations manager for Valauris Consulting, a consulting company in organizational strategy and cyber security that is active in Congo in particular.

“Take, for example, simple wifi network updates in African hotels, they are not even ready. A knowledgeable person can infiltrate and restore sensitive information. We are not yet aware of this need on the continent,” he explains.

A still poorly structured market However, the cybersecurity market is still poorly organized according to this specialist. “The market is not yet structured in terms of profiles in terms of business needs. So everything must be done. Initiatives are starting right now on both sides, some companies are starting to identify their needs. But they must be accompanied. »

Baptiste Guichard works for Intigritri – a rather special company. It does “bug bounty”: these are ethical hackers who test security systems to find flaws and provide solutions and which we will reward.

“What we are going to test is with everything that will affect everything that will be web applications, mobile applications, IoT, so everything that will affect sensitive data. We can talk about sensitive information about people, sensitive information about the banking system. »

Strategic companies, hospitals, administrations are particularly concerned about the risks of cyberattacks. The development of teleworking is a source of greater vulnerability.

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