The National Assembly is considering its

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In the DRC, deputies will be invited to a plenary session this Friday, where the identification of the political configuration of the National Assembly and the declaration of belonging to the majority or the opposition will be completed.

as reported from Kinshasa, Patient Ligodi

The Provisional Office of the National Assembly, which has seen its powers extended by the Constitutional Court, wishes to complete its mission by February 3, the date of the conclusion of the extraordinary session. And the election of the final presidium of this chamber is one of the priorities of the session, but before going to the vote, it is necessary to know the political configuration of the National Assembly.

This exercise will make it possible to know who is in the opposition and who is in the majority. Knowing that setting quotas for the posts in the new office will take into account the weight of each political family.

Meanwhile, the mission of informant Modeste Bahati Lukwebo continues. The latter has also increased the pace of his work. The hearings are increasing.

According to him, his report will be returned to the head of state no later than 30 January, ie. in less than ten days. It is from this work that a new Prime Minister is appointed.


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