the kidnapping of religious in the Southwest worries

The National Episcopal Conference of Cameroon (CENC) expresses its concern after the attack committed on Friday, September 16, against a church in the English-speaking South-West region. The attack took place near the town of Mamfé, where the referral hospital had already burned down in June.

In Friday’s attack, the attackers, who did not claim to belong to an English-speaking separatist group, abducted nine people. They are still being held at this time. The kidnappers ask for money to free them.

Pastor Humphrey Tatah Mbuy, spokesman for the bishops’ conference, looks back on the events: “It was Friday. Almost 50 armed men, unknown, unidentified, arrived in the small village of Nchang near the town of Mamfe. They took five priests, three who teach at the school and two who works for the parish. And they also kidnapped a Nigerian nun. Then on their way they took three residents. So a total of nine people were kidnapped. When they left the place, they set fire. The church was completely burned down, except for the altar. The bishop of Mamfe went there on Saturday morning. He managed to save the holy sacraments.”

“At the moment, the kidnappers are asking for money. They did not say which camp they belonged to,” explains Pastor Humphrey Tatah Mbuy. This is the first time we have seen such an attack. There have already been kidnappings of clerics in the past, but these were isolated cases. There, an attack like that which seems planned, the burnt church, nine people kidnapped, it is a unique case”.

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