the idea of ​​a constitutional referendum is controversial

The reform of the constitution has been in the pipeline of the National Assembly for a month in the Central African Republic, and the debate is lively, as the revision of the text from 2016 would result in Faustin Archange Touadéra running for a 3rd term with the country’s leaders. This reform can be approved either by parliamentary means – which is condemned by the opposition, which points out that in the absence of a Senate, the Assembly alone can not change the basic law – or by referendum. This is the solution that Fidèle Gouandjika, the minister’s special adviser to the head of state, proposed on Thursday on the RFI antenna. Words that make people react.

According to Fidèle Gouandjika, “what the sovereign people want is a new constitution and not a simplified modification of a constitution that was poorly written”. This, according to him, justifies the arrest of the referendum.

But for lawyer and opponent Dominique Erenon, no matter which path is used, this revision is a diversion for the population. “Central Africans’ concerns are elsewhere: security, state authority, water and energy problems … There is no fuel but we are rather inclined to revise the constitution. Central Africans expect more effective forms of public governance so that their daily lives, that their lives are changing. ”

The same reaction from the civil society platform G16: its spokesman Ben Wilson Ngassan finds this proposal incoherent, while local elections have been postponed indefinitely. “Today we learn that there is no money in the country to organize the local elections, but there is still money to organize the constitutional referendum. This says a lot about the will of the power that exists to maintain the business at all costs.

On the contrary, the Republican Front, a civil society organization close to the authorities, appreciates that Fidèle Gouandjika’s words “fit perfectly with the request to open a public consultation” on the Constitution.

Reading and listening: Fidèle Gouandjika (RCA): “The sovereign people want a new constitution and not a simple modification”

This Friday, another civil society organization, COSCIPAC, is demanding a mobilization to demand the resignation of Head of State Faustin Archangel Touadéra. The event is prohibited for security reasons. Civil society close to power and for a revision of the constitution has postponed its demonstration until next Friday.

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