the hearing adjourned for six soldiers accused of conspiracy

As of Wednesday, July 13, the Court for the Suppression of Economic Crimes and Terrorism (Criet) was to sentence six soldiers accused of “conspiracy against state security and non-condemnation of a crime.” A plan to assassinate President Talon, according to the charges presented at the start of the hearing, which was quickly rejected.

The trial was adjourned after a motion from the defense. One of the defendants who appealed his indictment appealed to the Supreme Court, which did not take a position before today’s hearing.

For one of his lawyers, there could really be no trial without a decision from the Supreme Court. The law has been changed, the special prosecutor Mario Mètonou tried to answer, but the lawyer insisted and asked for an arbitration by the Constitutional Court. He was eventually followed by the court and even by the special prosecutor.

The trial was therefore adjourned quickly without any deadline. We must now wait for the Constitutional Court’s ruling before programming it.

The six accused are all soldiers, there is one lieutenant from the navy in particular. On Wednesday morning, the handcuffed arrived with prisoners’ vests. They were arrested in 2018 for following a plan to assassinate President Talon, according to the indictment. During the maneuver, the naval officer was dissatisfied with the Talon command, the source of great frustration in the army, according to him.

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