the government signs with a French company to put Socatel back on its feet


Will the Central African telecommunications company resume operations soon? This is what is hoped for through a contract signed on Thursday 19 November in Bangui between the Ministry of Telecommunications and the French company Global Technologies, which offers solutions for the rehabilitation of the national network.

as reported from Bangui, Charlotte cosset

Provide internet and telephone services to 40% of the Central African population, mainly in the south and west of the country. This is the subject of the project, explains the president of the Global Technologies group, Jean-Paul Steinitz.

“This agreement aims to restore an old microwave network that was built over forty years ago and we propose, in addition to the old installation, to restore the loop with a few more pylons. This means that in the event of an interruption in the radio link, we will be able to direct communication. However, this network will be considered as a backup to the fiber optic network. ”

Today, the central body of the Central African Telecommunications Company is in place. At the beginning of the year, the staff went on strike and demanded several dozen months of arrears. The head of Socatel, Saturnin Cyriaque Sem, has high hopes for this contract.

“We can not fall even lower than that. We are already on the ground. You know that we have taken what is called a technological delay and in the field of telecommunications we have to invest a lot of money to be able to get up to speed. And that’s what we’ve always been missing. But today, with contributions from Global Technologies, we believe that these resources will be made available to us and, of course, Socatel can only recover. ”

The government must now raise 20 million euros for the work to begin.


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