the former private secretary to Mahamat Deby before that

The former private secretary to the transitional president was presented in court last weekend. Idriss Youssouf Boy was arrested several weeks ago along with other personalities on suspicion of embezzlement of oil revenues. We only found out this Tuesday, July 26, because the case was conducted discreetly

From our correspondent in Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

Last Saturday, July 23, judicial police officers spent the whole day questioning Idriss Youssouf Boy, the former private secretary to the President of the Transitional Military Council, Mahamat Taher Issa, the former Deputy Director General of the Chad Hydrocarbons Company, and Mamadou Bass, the CEO. director of Orabank, a credit institution based in Chad.

The three personalities are involved in a financial scandal of several billion CFA francs diverted to the company of hydrocarbons in Chad. Idriss Youssouf Boy was prosecuted for illicit enrichment, influence peddling and abuse of office, and was brought before the Supreme Court, the country’s highest court, because of his ministerial status.

This Sunday, July 24, he was presented to the court, which informed him of the charges against him. Idriss Youssouf Boy pleaded not guilty.

In two days, on Friday, July 29, Mahamat Idriss Déby’s former collaborator has another appointment with the judges. According to specialists in Chadian justice, procedural errors could plead in his favor, at least for provisional release.

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