The Ebola epidemic in Ecuador is under control according to

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the development of the Ebola epidemic in the northwestern country is under control, the WHO said yesterday (Thursday, May 12).

The epidemic broke out a year ago a little more than two weeks in the city of Mbandaka, the capital of Equateur province, and has so far killed three people. But according to Dr Mory Keita, responsible for responding to the WHO epidemic on the ground, there have been no new cases since May 4, which is encouraging.

“We still have about 480 contact cases that are followed up, all the pillars of the response are already working on site. We have vaccines on site, we also have a specific treatment that is also on site.

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The warning system is strengthened in all these areas to make sure that there are no problems. An Ebola epidemic when it occurs in a big city, the risk is always there, and Mbandaka is a big city with about one million inhabitants, with also a connection not only from airports but with the river. Do not forget that the Congo River passes through the city of Mbandaka and serves as far as Kinshasa; and there are roads that link Mbandaka to other cities, so all this means that the risk is there.

We have not yet been able to clearly identify the source of the contamination of the first case, which means that we do not yet have all the pieces of the puzzle, but we believe that with the capacity in place we can quickly check this. epidemic.

In four years, the virus has appeared three times in this province. The most recent outbreak dates back almost two years, in November 2020. Analysis of the genetic sequence concluded that it was of a distinct strain from the one that appeared between May and July 2018.

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