The Deputy Prime Minister’s visit to a DGM website is controversial


A visit by the Deputy Prime Minister for Home Affairs and Security to a site of the Directorate-General for Migration (DGM) on Wednesday caused controversy. Several Congolese media have reported on a secret dungeon that has continued to function. However, the President of the Republic has already put an end to the secret dungeons. DGM is trying to calm down.

For some, it is a secret dungeon. But the Migration Directorate claims that it is a detention and transit center for illegal aliens. A center that works regularly, says DGM. About ten people, foreigners, were living there when the Deputy Prime Minister with responsibility for the Interior Minister came to visit it.

Foreign diplomats are also familiar with this website.

First located on the premises in Kinshasa provincial direction, this center was transferred to the site, which was intended to receive the future general direction, DGM’s communications manager explains. According to him, foreign diplomats also know this website because they have to visit their compatriots there who are in an irregular situation in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Wrong interpretation

In a press release, DGM talks about a misinterpretation that some media have made of the Minister of Supervision Gilbert Kankonde’s visit to this website, which has also not been closed. The day after his election, President Félix Antoine Tshisekedi ordered the closure of all illegal dungeons across the country, and this was done, reminding DGM officials who claim they do not have a secret dungeon.


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