The Democratic Republic of Congo announces the official end of the Ebola epidemic after

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, authorities on Monday, July 4, declared the end of the 14th Ebola epidemic, which has been active for three months in the province of Equateur. Minister of Public Health Jean-Jacques Mbungani Mbanda spoke in the presence of WHO officials to reassure public opinion, while urging Congolese to be vigilant.

as reported from Kinshasa, Kamanda wa Kamanda-Muzembe

It was April 23 last year that The Ebola epidemic was observed in the city of Mbandaka, capital of the province of Equateur. According to Dr. Jean-Jacques Mbungani Mbanda, with more experience in controlling Ebola virus disease, national emergency teams organized with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) and other partners a quick reply:

“You should know that this is the 14th epidemic of Ebola virus disease in the national territory, and the third epidemic in this province, which is strongly affected by this disease.”

For the minister, the epidemic has killed five people, including four confirmed cases of illness and one probable case. Therefore, the Minister concludes, “42 days have passed without a new report of a case, allowing us today to happily declare the end of the 14th Ebola virus epidemic on national territory, and especially in the province of Equateur.”

However, the health authorities are asking the population to be vigilant because, they say, the virus is still there and circulating.

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