The Corniche de Brazzaville road was reopened

In Congo-Brazzaville, one of the capital’s beautiful roads has reopened, a year and a half after it was closed. This is the ledge bordering the Congo River, a part that had collapsed after heavy rains. It had been closed to traffic and has just reopened, to the delight of users.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loïcia Martial

Completely black, the backpack carelessly worn, the young student Rophiel Essemou walks towards the cable bar bridge, a symbol of Corniche road. He is more than happy to be in this place that he has not visited in over a year.

“It is good to see this road in good condition again. It feels good. When the road was destroyed, some Congolese even accused the Chinese of missing the job. Today we are happy again, he says.

In fact, just four years after the inauguration, part of the cornice collapsed after heavy rains that caused some Brazzavillois anger.

An avenue very popular with Brazzavillois But after eighteen months of work, the budget of which has not been announced, the road to the Corniche was reopened on 19 August to the great satisfaction of Arsène Bitombo, who with his girlfriend watches the hyacinths being dragged by the waters of the Congo River pass: says it’s the most beautiful avenue in Brazzaville. It is visited a lot by the Congolese in general and Brazzavillois in particular ”.

In addition to being an idyllic place, transformed into a pedestrian street every Sunday, the Corniche road is, above all for road users, a cleansing road to walk from the city center to the capital’s southern district.

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