the contours of the next inclusive dialogue are slow to take

Is this the last straight line to hold the inclusive dialogue, scheduled for May 10? If the dialogue between rebel leaders and authorities in Doha seems to drag on, in N’Djamena, the organizing committee assures us that all that remains is to set the agenda and the list of participants. But in the capital, more and more voices are rising to condemn the organizing committee’s preparatory work. Part of the political class especially condemns the selected themes that will be discussed during this great fair.

as reported from N’Djamena, Aurélie Bazzara-Kibangula

In the case of national dialogue, it will be a question of peace, national cohesion or even army reform, according to the latest reports from the Organizing Committee. But for Salibou Garba, the coordinator of the convergence of political organizations, a significant issue is missing, that of the transition. “The content is at the service of CMT (Transitional Military Council). Themes are shaped, it’s like going to a seminar, we ask you questions, we ask you what you think of it and we adopt a content. It can not work that way Dialogue is about creating a good transition. We can not avoid the issues related to the transition, the issues of the institutions, first and foremost the charter, the bodies, the roadmap and the agenda.

Same position on the side ofMass success. The chairman of Les Transformateurs considers that the whole organization of the dialogue must be taken over and an independent body set up. But for Jean-Bernard Padaré, spokesman for MPS, the former ruling party, regardless of the preparations, dialogue must be held as soon as possible to meet the 18-month deadline: “We focus on these themes, but the most important thing is that we adopt the constitution, that we approve the election law, that we set up the permanent office for the election and CENI, so that we go to the election.To change the charter, for us, is nonsense.

The political class is still unanimous on one point: the presence of rebel leaders is crucial for truly inclusive national dialogue.

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