the Constitutional Court validates the re-election of

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On 18 January, the Constitutional Court delivered its decision on the presidential election on 27 December 2020. After adjusting the results and canceling certain polling stations, it confirmed the re-election of President Touadéra from the first round with 53.16% of the vote, against Anicet Georges Dologuélé with 21, 69%.

With our special correspondent and our correspondent in Bangui, Alexandra Brangeon and Charlotte Cosset

This decision to validate the victory of Faustin-Archange Touadera was met with applause from the President’s support, which came to the Court today. This announcement ends a three-week tension in a complex political and security context. Four questions for quash for adjustment of the results had been submitted.

For two hours, the President of the Constitutional Court, Danièle Darlan, read the verdict and took note, point by point, of the various appeals lodged by the opposition, which in turn requested the annulment of the vote on the grounds of irregularities, fraud, the fact that this election is not representative , because more than half of the voters could not vote.

A complicated security context

The Constitutional Court rejected most of the opposition’s requests, citing a lack of evidence. The president, however, ruled that there had been irregularities in several constituencies and canceled the presidential and legislative elections. This is the case in cities like Bambari, Bouar … And in the end, the court held that these irregularities were not sufficient to reverse the result. The gap between the first two candidates is too large: 53.16% for outgoing President Faustin-Archange Touadéra, 21.69% for his rival, Anicet-Georges Dologuélé.

Remember that this election was held in a complicated security context. In fact, barely two weeks before the first round, six armed groups formed a coalition and began marching towards Banguiwho want to prevent these choices. Security fears are still relevant Monday. The Constitutional Court was under high security this morning. On polling day, half the population was unable to go to the polls, and the Court changed the turnout, which the electoral authority announced to over 76%, and revised it to approx. 35%. A rather significant difference, as it depends on the number of registered voters across the country, while the electoral authority relied on the number of voters in the areas that voted.

“The people were at war”

But given the determination of the people to go and vote despite the uncertainty, “the people at war” stressed President Danièle Darlan. In the areas where there was a vote, the people had “sent a clear and strong message: we want to elect our leaders,” the Court said. The institution therefore validated the vote and declared the Faustin-Archange Touadera the winner. Finally, note that this announcement is made a day before the election calendar, a tribute, Danièle Darlan said. 42 years ago, under the Jean-Bedel Bokassa, the horrific massacre of students in Bangui took place.


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