The Constitutional Court rejects the candidacies of armed groups in the legislative election

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The Constitutional Court issued its decision on Friday, November 27, on the admissibility of candidacies for the by-elections on December 27, which will be linked to the presidential election. The Court has listed the names of the 1585 alternate candidates for the 140 seats in the Central African National Assembly. The President of the Court, Danielle Darlan, in particular closed the door to candidates from members of armed groups.

as reported from Bangui, Charlotte cosset

To list the candidates for the Central African parliament, the commentators analyzed the battles that will be tough. As in Boali, where Prime Minister Firmin Ngrebada will especially meet Bertin Bea, a pillar of the KNK movement Francois Bozizé.

Danielle Dalan, President of the Constitutional Court, then declared the candidacies invalid and the reasons for these decisions. About fifty were thus dismissed for various reasons, in particular in breach of Article 37: inconsistencies in the dates set out in the documents, non-compliant offenses, etc.

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The President then turned to Articles 134 and 135 of the Election Act, which require that the candidate has not been convicted and to have a good character. Danielle Darlan then listed the names of about fifteen invalid candidates: embezzlement, corruption, beliefs … Among these names were important personalities, such as one of the Vice-Presidents of the National Assembly or his former quester.

“We laughed enough”

Finally, in order to close the list of invalid, the President adopted a position on the participation of parts ofarmed groups and refused their candidacies for the positions of the nation’s representatives. A dozen were thus rejected.

“Given that the nation’s deputy is the people’s representative, that the nation’s deputies enjoy parliamentary immunity that gives him protection in criminal cases. Given that the mere presence of members of armed groups still active as legislative candidates is likely to undermine the sincerity of the vote. The Constitutional Court should exclude candidacies for members of armed groups in the legislative election, “explained Danielle Darlan.

A decision that was warmly welcomed by the audience. Arlette Sombo-Dibélé, lawyer, confided: “Ah listen, if I could sing the song I would say that my heart is full of joy! I did not think you could still say the right thing. You see me happy. Anyway, as for my biggest concern which is the armed groups: to come and kill, plunder and have the nerve to come forward to continue your work! You’ve heard the death. Today is over. We probably laughed at ourselves. “

The court’s next decision will be decided by December 3 and will apply to presidential candidates.


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