The Central African Republic broadcasts a state of emergency

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The Central African Republic on Thursday declared a state of emergency for 15 days across the country.

Under the law, the state of emergency assigns “the civil authority extraordinary police authorities in certain circumstances” in “cases of imminent danger”. Presidency spokesman Albert Yaloke Mokpeme explains that it was set up to facilitate ongoing investigations afterwards in the offensive against Bangui led by rebels last week.

“Following the attacks that we experienced on January 13, a state of emergency has been declared that allows the defense, security, police and gendarmerie services to make arrests or arrests for investigative reasons. In an emergency without asking permission from the public prosecutor. This authorization issue delayed a number of things in ongoing investigations. Otherwise, the rest of the procedure is normal. If it is necessary to release the person after a few hours, it is done. If the studies show that there are things that require extension, they will follow the normal procedure. “

The Presidency assures us that the Ministers of Defense and Security will soon provide further details on what this state of emergency entails.


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