The Central African Prime Minister is visiting for

Firmin Ngrebada, the Central African Prime Minister accompanied by a large delegation, visited the city of Boali this Sunday morning. This city was the subject of fierce fighting in late December and continues to be attacked by the coalition. This morning the authorities went to the troop’s bed.

With our special correspondent in Boali, Charlotte Cosset

Adjusted, weapons in hand … The soldiers placed on what will be a front in Boali, welcomed the Prime Minister along with the Ministers of Defense, Interior and Communications. After more than two weeks of operations, the morale of the troops must be raised.

“Boali today is an example of the work our defense and security forces are doing on the ground with courage and determination. There are days when you fought for more than 72 hours without a break, says Firmin Ngrebada. The President of the Republic, who closely follows the situation on the ground, can not remain indifferent to this important work that you are doing to defend the integrity of the national territory, ensure the protection of the people, defend democracy, defend the institutions of the Republic. . “

Welcome support

Lieutenant Colonel Wallo is head of operations in Boali. The name of his unit is the Lion of the Wild. Despite the persistence of his men, this gesture is met with gratitude: “Here we spend very hard, very difficult times. If you do not have the heart, you can do nothing. It is the heart that makes us men. So your presence will motivate us even more, says Lieutenant Colonel Wallo. The whole area is in line of defense with us, with our partners and this defense here, I can assure you that no one will be able to cross this line of defense here. Night and day, when they try, they always have losses. And here with the Russian partners, we will never give up. ”

An important communication operation for the Prime Minister with his troops. Dressed in military uniform, he distributed medals and food to the soldiers.


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