the army and Minusca regain control of Ouanda

In the Central African Republic, the city of Ouanda Djallé, in the northeastern part of the country, was liberated on Sunday 26 June by the army and UN forces. For almost two weeks, the sub-prefecture of Vakaga had fallen under the control of the militiamen of the Coalition of Patriots for Change (CPC).

After several days of negotiations led by the United Nations, the soldiers from Minusca and the Central African Armed Forces stopped storming on Sunday morning at dawn, with the support of helicopters, to remove the rebels who had taken seats on 17 June.

Zambian blue helmets stationed in Birao, the provincial capital, and Rwandans from Bria, further south, had reached the area by the middle of last week, and air reconnaissance had been carried out. According to the deputy head of Ouanda Djallé, who was contacted by radio Ndeke Luka, the militiamen quickly left the city, but are still present on the outskirts.

This is also what CPC says. In a statement, the rebel coalition says Ouanda-Djallé is still under siege. She condemns a violation of Minusca’s mandate and accuses it of “immoral collusion” with Faca, who according to her is committing human rights violations.

Thousands of residents still hidden in the bush The UN mission, for its part, states that security efforts will continue so that the population can return to their homes. Some who had fled to avoid foreclosures and looting would have returned to the city since Monday. But thousands of others are still in the bush, in a precarious humanitarian situation. At present, no assessment of the fighting or the occupation of the city has been communicated.

#ConfPress Ouanda Djallé: #MINUSCA, while reminding that it advocates the path of dialogue, reiterates its determination to fulfill its mandate. It calls on armed groups to lay down their arms and join the GDR process.

– MINUSCA (@UN_CAR) June 29, 2022

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