the appointment of Mahamat Nour Ibédou to the CNDH raises

Mahamat Nour Ibédou, a well-known activist in Chad and secretary general of the Chadian National Convention for the Defense of Human Rights (CNTH), was appointed chairman of the National Commission for Human Rights (CNDH) on Tuesday, April 26. An appointment that was criticized and considered political, as it was perceived by some of his comrades as a “reward” for his support of the transition.

as reported from Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

Several organizations, brought together in the collective of human rights defenders’ associations, on Thursday, April 21, condemned the appointment of Mahamat Ndour Ibédou as chairman of the CNDHconsiders it illegal even before it is effective.

The decree appointing Mahamat Nour Ibédou mentions that he was appointed Secretary-General of the CNTH, while the personalities appointed to join the CNDH represent the human rights organizations as a whole.

His detractors are also asking the President of the Transitional Military Council to postpone this decision. But the biggest interested party, Mahamat Nour Ibédou, wants to be judged on the quality of his work and the mark he will leave on the department: “The transition is really lame. And we believe that within CNDH we can play a positive, important role. We “is here not only to help restore the prestige of this organization, but also to restore it to its true functions. The coming days will show that we will put a new stamp on this institution.”

The collective of human rights defenders’ associations has indicated that it will provide advice on the follow-up of this case, which risks undermining the independence of the institution that is the National Commission on Human Rights.

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