the announcement of budgetary constraints is worrying,

In the Central African Republic, the finance minister declared that the situation for the treasury promises to be “very worrying”. These comments were made on Tuesday, May 3, during the ministry’s government meeting. Some expected external budget support has not been paid out, so efforts will need to be made. Cuts of 40 to 60% will be made in some ministries, it was specified. Ads that ask especially among white-collar workers.

“Since this announcement, there has been pressure from all sides,” said the union official. His phone has not stopped ringing since yesterday. Several representatives of public employees say that they are waiting for clarifications on which contours and sectors will be affected by the budget cuts. And hope for consultations.

Because if the budgetary efforts can be made at different levels of public finances, officials often paid the broken pots during the crises in the country. Whether it was under President Patassé, Kolingba or Bozizé, the salaries of officials have often been set; Some government agents have accumulated more than two years of unpaid bills.

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I think it’s a path to independence that you teach us, and no one worries …

For Serge Djorie, Minister of Communications and government spokesman, no one is worried about this economic situation

The recovery of a large part of these debts has been initiated by President Touadéra, with the support of international partners. But the Finance Ministry’s announcements have raised concerns among these officials.

The World Bank, for its part, remains committed to helping the Central African Republic implement reforms aimed at strengthening economic governance and the legal environment.

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