the ambitious Michelle Ndoki wants to take over as head of MRC

Her name is Michele Ndoki. She is a lawyer and she has been in the news in Cameroon since she announced her intention to run for president of the largest opposition party, Maurice Kamto’s MRC, a few weeks ago.

as reported from Douala, Polycarp Essomba

For Michèle Ndoki, the time for change has come even though some of her peers are struggling to understand her motivation; while Maurice Kamto is still very popular and is perceived by his followers as the safest alternative to power on the ground.

Regardless, Michelle Ndoki does not give up, in 2023 during the next convention in the MRC she will be a candidate for the party presidency: “If Maurice Kamto announces her candidacy we will be at least two candidates and we will have a real competition, healthy competition.

“Alternation, part of the identity of the movement” Does it suddenly break with Maurice Kamto? Yes and no, answers the 49-year-old lawyer, who thus recognizes points of divergence with his leader: “No, it is not a break because when the party was created in 2012, Maurice Kamto himself even said that the change was part of the identity of the movement for Cameroon’s rebirth, and that the restriction of mandate was something he believed in. So in that sense, no, it’s not a break but the implementation of a plan that was the starting point. Now, yes, in the sense that it does not seem clear to me today that Maurice Kamto thinks that in 2023 it is time to show the way to change.

While the debate over the advisability and legitimacy of this candidacy is upsetting the MRC’s ranks at the moment, Maurice Kamto was able to meet her now future challenger last Monday, June 27 for a discussion explanation, but for now, all believe only MRC activists will have last word to decide between them.

At my request, the MRC National President gave me, one-on-one, about two hours of interview, and I was pleased with the sincerity and sincerity of our exchanges. …

– Ndoki Michele (@MicheleNdoki) June 28, 2022

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