the allocation of seats for the preparation of the dialogue

In Chad, the preparations for the inclusive national dialogue – convened for August 20 – are at the center of a new controversy. A dissatisfaction arose at the publication of the draft quotas for participation in this dialogue, which should lead to a transfer of power to civilians. The proposal angers the opposition.

with our correspondent in Ndjamena, Madjiasra Nako

The preliminary draft adopted by the Organizing Committee for the Inclusive National Dialogue proposes 1412 participants for this meeting. The criteria for participation, as far as political parties are concerned, is their legal existence, which entitles them to a seat. The number of seats is determined by the results of these formations in the most recent elections.

In the end, MPS, the party of the late president, Idriss Deby Itno, for example, will have 525 representatives, or more than a third of the participants. The rebel movements in negotiations in Doha will have about fifty seats. The various institutions of the Republic, unions, umbrella organizations, provinces and religious denominations should also be represented.

A distribution that makes the opposition to the transition react, which infers that on the basis of this quota, at least 1200 designated participants will be favorable to the transitional government.

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It remains to be seen whether the Prime Minister, who must validate this distribution by decree, will follow the organizing committee for the dialogue or not.

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