the alarming observation of the head of Minusca

Valentine Rugwabiza, the head of Minusca, spoke before the UN Security Council on Wednesday, June 22, to present her first report on the situation in the country.

Two months after the entry into Bangui, Valentin Rugwabiza is concerned, in terms of security, of “the persistent violations of the ceasefire by all parties continuing their operations and acts of war”. It highlights in particular the repositioning of armed groups in the northern, central and eastern parts of the country.

“Likes to undermine living together” At the political level, if the Rwandan diplomat is happy with a “strengthening of confidence-building measures” with the government, she expresses her concern about the violent speeches directed at political leaders.

“Minusca notes with the same concern the persistent stigma and public incitement to violence against leaders of the democratic opposition or against certain partners in the Central African Republic. History and recent past show that this type of message can be quickly translated into acts of violence with unpredictable and uncontrollable consequences. They are also likely to undermine coexistence, weaken the national reconciliation process and slow down efforts, so it is the responsibility of the Central African Government to provide an appropriate response by taking all appropriate measures to prevent, suppress and put an end to such reprehensible actions”.

In front of the press, the Rwandan diplomat announced the publication in July of two investigative reports on human rights violations, in particular by government forces and their Russian assistants. One of these two reports has already been submitted to the Central African government to get its “response” to the investigators’ conclusions, she said.

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