tens of thousands of flood victims in the north

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Nearly 70 villages and at least 46,000 people have been affected by flooding in northern Congo-Brazzaville in the province of Likouala after heavy rains continued to fall this week in the area. An assessment mission went to the area to estimate the humanitarian consequences, while many victims were already trying to recover from the floods last year.

From our correspondent in Brazzaville,

Clément Essiéké, Director-General for Humanitarian Action in the Ministry of Social Affairs, was part of the United Nations government team that went to Likouala for a quick assessment of the humanitarian situation. He mentioned in particular the consequences of the floods, which hit a little more than 70 villages, mainly along the Oubangui River. “The villages of Dongou, Impfondo and Liranga districts are flooded to the point where they are forced to quickly harvest their produce from the fields. , especially cassava. In terms of the market, certain products become (of first necessity) scarce. Palm oil, for example, sees its price galloping: liters are now sold at 500 CFA francs, while it costs 250 CFA francs before, ”explained Clément Essiéké.

During their assessment mission, aid workers were unable to cover all the areas affected by the floods. They intend to establish a response plan as soon as possible.

The 46,000 victims of the floods tried to recover from the last few years, which officially affected more than 130,000 people. Northern Congo is experiencing heavy rainfall, but it is rare in Brazzaville and its surroundings.

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