supporters of Bemba and Katumbi reserve

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In the DRC, the informant’s intense activities this weekend. Senator Modeste Bahati, accused by President Tshisekedi of finding a new majority in the National Assembly, received several groups, almost all of them already acquired by the Holy Union of the nation initiated by the head of state. But the informant’s timetable will have been somewhat disrupted, the MLC for Jean-Pierre Bemba and the Ensemble de Moïse Katumbi still taking a long time to make a decision, while discussions between these two groups and the presidency continue.

as reported from Kinshasa, Commander Commander

A small delegation by Moïse Katumbi Ensemble met the informant over the weekend. These elected officials have promised to return Monday with their 37 national deputies. An agreement which, however, cannot be kept. After returning to their base for the exchange with Senator Modeste Bahati, pro-Katumbi decided yesterday to discuss it first with their colleagues from Jean-Pierre Bembas MLC. And this meeting is announced for this Monday.

Scheduled yesterday on the informant’s agenda, the MLC delegates were not seen at the Congo River Hotel where Modeste Bahati has installed its services. We may think they are waiting for this discussion before deciding. In any case, pro-Katumbi and pro-Bemba are worried about the rush members of the FCC against the sacred union of the nation. They fear that the action of the head of state will be removed.

To this end, the former FCC Guy Mafuta, received on Saturday like many other defectors from the PPRD by the informant, declared that to rely on the Holy Union is to support the head of state, “the only Congolese who offered a program to the nation”.


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