Sufferers testify to the level of violence in

In the Central African Republic, the fierce struggle resumed about three weeks ago after the formation of a new coalition of armed groups threatening to come down on the capital. Clashes take place between the rebels and the Central African Armed Forces, Minusca and the Allied Forces. On the spot, whose civilians seem relatively spared, there are nonetheless victims. Some are referred to Bangui for treatment, especially at Médecins Sans Frontières hospital.

as reported from Bangui, Charlotte Cosset

Michel was trying to leave Bambari to join Bangui when his vehicle was caught in a barrier.

“When it started firing, I was placed above the cab. Colleagues next to me were hit by the bullets, we tried to hide in the truck, but it kept shooting. Many shots and many injuries were fired. ”

In this incident, twenty people were injured, several died. Michel was evacuated to Bangui to be taken care of. “I myself received four bullets. I am here by the grace of God. ”

In another room, Benjamin is stretched out, weakened. He was wounded in an attack near Yaloke. “At that time they attacked the city of Zawa, which was fighting there. I thought they were just there. I tried to leave the city, I wanted to run away, I did not know they were already in front of me, I fell into ambush. “

The armed men shoot him in the legs and give him a violent blow with ass in the face, he has a raised eye. “They even broke my teeth. When they go, they steal his motorcycle and cut off his ear.


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