students returning to school after seven months at home

Officially, more than 1.3 million students, from kindergarten to high school, have returned to the path on Monday, October 12, at the start of the 2020-2021 school year. All in all, they are happy to return to their places of learning after seven months of forced leave due to coronavirus, whose cases have dropped significantly in the country. But their joy is somewhat ruined by the hassle of transportation.

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as reported from Brazzaville,

His parents dropped him off by car early in the morning at Chaminade High School, where Prince David, a student at Terminal D, wearing a well-worn khaki uniform, attended class until 6 p.m. “It was good. The lessons went well. I still saw some students who had ideas in their heads answering the teachers’ questions. We were 49 students in our class and sat one per desk.”

In one of the Terminal A classes, where she plays, Brandy Bassouamina, it was more about creating contact between students and teachers. “We did not do any lessons. We just talked about big chapters like African philosophy. Well ! All the teachers came except the Spanish, whose reason for his absence I do not know ”.

The first day at the beginning of the school year, students living far from Chaminade high school had all the trouble in the world to reach their establishment. It was not easy to find a place in buses with their limited number of passengers, as Mondésir Ikando explains.

“At bus stations, there were a large number of students and workers. We had to suffocate ourselves; climb on the others to access the buses. It really was not easy. It is very painful ”.

Despite the provisions imposed by the coronavirus, the Ministry of General Education intends to respect the programs and hourly volumes during this school year.

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