Should we combine the Chadian legislative and presidential elections?

The headquarters of the political parties in Chad are discussing how the two upcoming elections will be organized. Should we combine the presidential and legislative elections or organize them separately, as has always been the case in Chad?

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The issue of linking the presidential election to the legislative election is an old debate, but it came back a few weeks ago during a meeting between the Independent National Electoral Commission (Céni), the national framework for political dialogue and the head of state.

Possibility to save

According to our sources, CENI indicated that it was possible. An idea that President Idriss Déby would have been in favor of. But some opposition political parties and even the majority were against it. “It will be complicated to ensure the sincerity of two ballot papers at the same time,” explains the leader of a political party.

For the defenders of the project, the combination of elections will make it possible to ensure the holding of legislative elections, which have been postponed many times and above all to save money. At the headquarters of the political parties, the debate continues, while the presidential election is scheduled for April 2021, followed by the legislative election in October.

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Meanwhile, the revision of the electoral rolls for the elections next year started three days ago. Voters who have turned 18 since the last census, and those who were not registered and want to do so, have until October 20 to do so.


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