several complaints filed to cancel the vote

Outgoing President Faustin Archange Touadéra was named the winner of the first round by the electoral authorities with 53.92% of the vote. This is a preliminary result, which has not yet been validated by the Constitutional Court, which has until 19 January to do so. But before that, the same body will have to examine the various remedies.

A total of three appeals were lodged with the Constitutional Court yesterday: two on behalf of opposition candidates, Martin Ziguélé and Anicet Georges Dologuelé, and a third in the name of ten candidates.

Everyone condemns what they consider to be numerous irregularities: the disappearance of ballot papers, intimidation, the purchase of votes. For Master Arlette Sombo Dibele, who submitted the request – on behalf of the ten candidates – these irregularities are numerous. “Lack of delivery of results sheets or minutes, the late start of election operations, Minusca’s storage of the ballot papers, the candidates have a lot of cards. There were massive and blatant violations of the provisions of the Electoral Code. ”

They also regret that half of the country’s voters could not vote, explains Bernard Dillah, MLPC campaign director. “Not all Central Africans were able to vote. More than half could not vote. However, the Constitution tells us that the presidential election is a universal election. This means that all Central Africans must vote. This is already an irregularity. “

Everyone is calling for a direct cancellation of the vote on 27 December. The Constitutional Court will now have to examine and rule on these requests before the validation of the election results is validated.

The filing of appeals for the presidential election, which was due to end Thursday night at midnight, was extended by a few hours this morning, Friday 8. January. The Constitutional Court had had to close its office last night due to the curfew adopted by the authorities from kl. 20 to kl.


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