security incidents reported in Bouar and

A curfew was issued on Thursday, January 7, throughout the Central African territory from 1 p.m. 20 to kl. 5 due to the security situation. Just before the presidential and legislative elections on December 27, a coalition of armed groups resumed hostilities, declaring marches on Bangui. Since then, incidents have erupted regularly across the country.

With our special correspondent in Bangui, Alexandra Brangeon

Two new incidents have been reported in the last 24 hours in the country. In Bouar, 400 kilometers northwest of the capital, the army and anti-balaka militias exchanged heavy fire all day Thursday and sometimes even late at night.

According to a religious authority, the situation is now calm but tense. Militias control the city. The streets are deserted and more than a hundred civilians are anchored in the cathedral and the university. According to this religious authority, there are victims to be lamented among the civilian population.

The second incident was reported in Grimari, 250 kilometers east of Bangui. Armed elements attacked the Central African army base there on Thursday, but were pushed back according to the UN mission. This Friday 8. January morning the fighting would resume.

Mobile armed groups

In Bangassou, the rebels, who launched an attack a few days ago, are still controlling the city. If traffic resumes, nearly 200 people, local authorities as well as humanitarian workers, are still anchored in the Minusca base.

This claims that the attitudes of the rebel groups across the country have not changed since the announcement of their offensive. But the presence of armed groups has been confirmed in recent days near Boali and Damara, 80 kilometers from the capital. Very mobile groups according to security sources and therefore difficult to locate with precision.


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