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In the Central African Republic, a coalition of armed groups was formed about three weeks ago. She threatened to come down on the city of Bangui and created a lot of concern. Localized matches took place in different areas. How is the situation today?

with our correspondent in Bangui, Charlotte Cosset

Saturday morning is the city Damara which was affected by the fighting, a city considered the last lock before the capital. The CPC launched an attack that was repulsed by Central African forces backed by their Rwandan and Russian allies.

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Cities that were hit hard at the start of the coalition’s progress as Mbaïki are now calm. The main Yaloke-Bossembele-Bouali axis, which has been the subject of fierce fighting, now appears to be ready, although security sources ensure that armed elements remain located not far from the main road.

Border traffic supplying Bangui has not yet resumed. On earth, some hope if the insurances are given to be able to see the convoys circulate again next week.

Some cities are worried despite the calm, especially Bangassou or Berberati. The armed groups threatened to reach these sites, but the situation remains under control at the moment. The arrival of Russian and Rwandan forces appears to have changed the situation, although information is difficult to obtain from the ground.

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