Rise up assaults within the japanese DRC: the military

In the Democratic Republic of Congo, the army is taking status, while increasingly bloody insurgency attacks are intensifying in the eastern part of the country: North Kivu, South Kivu or Ituri. The Congolese army’s general staff gathered the press yesterday in Kinshasa.

as reported from Kinshasa, Pascal Mulegwa

In front of the press, the army wants to be reassuring despite several rebel attacks on its positions and villages in recent weeks on Beni’s territory in northern Kivu. The bloodiest took place on January 5 in the town of Lose Lose.

General Léon-Richard Kasonga, spokesman for the Army, attributed it to the ADF, the allied democratic forces. “In their routine, the ADF carried out fifty hostages which they were unable to bring against the firepower and the steamroller of the loyalist forces.”

Government forces say they are staying the course without, however, succeeding in reassuring civil society organizations, which demand more action on the ground and less communication effects. With regard to the ADF, the spokesman specifies. “We ask you to keep in mind that the ADF is very weak after being pulled out everywhere and lost their sanctuary, like mad stray dogs, they operate in groups of five, even ten, to carry out targeted attacks on populations. isolated civilian or weakly occupied military positions. This cancerous octopus became stronger with external recruits [dont] many foreign warriors, whites, whose bodies are visible on the ground and whose weapons have been recovered by our forces. “

Despite criticism, the army also claims to have killed more than 500 Codeco militiamen in Ituri by 2020 and to maintain supremacy over the armed groups in South Kivu.


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