relaunch of the “Feux de Brazza” festival after eight years

Stopped since 2014, the year of its fifth edition, due to malfunctions, the economic crisis and the recent health crisis due to Covid-19, the popular and international festival of traditional music Feux de Brazza will be relaunched in December. This is the main decision of the reflection days, completed this weekend.

as reported from Brazzaville, Loicia Martial

Foretaste of this festival, the closing ceremony of the days of reflection was animated by the group Bana Ba Téké, whose musicians and dancers wear hats made of bird feathers.

Consolidate the economic model According to Hugues Gervais Ondaye, promoter of the Feux de Brazza festival, these days it has enabled it to consolidate its economic model to ensure its sustainability. “Together with the partners, we have decided to relaunch this festivaland the next edition [la sixième ndlr]will take place from December 7 to 12, 2022, he said. During this edition, we will have a training session dedicated to directors of heritage music from the Central African sub-region, so that we can, together with others, create a network of festivals dedicated to this music.”

Among the organizations associated with the festival are Unesco, the International Organization of La Francophonie (OIF) and the International Center for African Traditions and Languages ​​(Cerdotola), where Professor Charles Binam Bikoi is the Executive Secretary.

“Renewal of coexistence” “The festival generally makes it possible to renew coexistence in a community. Beyond the community, the festival is a place and a platform to showcase the best of communities,” emphasizes Charles Binam Bikoi.

The contribution of traditional instruments to the Congolese rumba, now on the list of the the intangible heritage of mankindwill be the main theme of the next edition of Feux de Brazza.

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