rape cases reported to the Lubumbashi prison

The NGO’s Evangelical Non-Violent Action Group (Ganve) condemns rape cases with violence against prisoners in the Kasapa prison in Lubumbashi.

According to this NGO, it all started after the fire for a weekend in one of the prison buildings of angry prisoners, some of whom tried to escape. Part of the dormitories had been destroyed and prisoners were grouped together with female prisoners. Today, these women, about fifty, will be at the mercy of these prisoners.

Since this weekend, the female inmates at the Kasapa prison in Lubumbashi no longer have a dormitory and no means of communication. Phones were taken from them by a self-proclaimed prisoner leader of the inmates. According to Master Emmanuel Kifungo of NGO Ganve, these women are being systematically raped.

“The female prisoners found themselves homeless, so now they share the same farm as male prisoners. The female prisoners have the choice between the machete, that is, death, and dealing with their torturers. ”

A situation that revolts against some women in Lubumbashi, such as Sylvie Nkolomoni, president of the NGO for women’s rights “Voix du Savoir”: “We build that we physically separate these women from the men. Until these women are separated, even if you give those drugs to fight sexually transmitted diseases, they will fall into the same scenario and it will not change much. ”

For his part, the director of the Kasapa prison rather speaks of a simple rape threat against female prisoners. He adds that discussions are underway to improve their detention conditions after the destruction of their dormitory. The prison authority says it has not received any information about the rape.


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