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The results of the Central African presidential election on 27 December are still awaiting validation. Outgoing President Faustin-Archange Touadéra came out on top with 53.92% of the vote. The Constitutional Court has until January 19 to validate its re-election. As for the legislative choice, many candidates for deputy will continue to submit their application to the court in Bangui.

With our special correspondent in Bangui, Alexandra Brangeon

Every day, more than twenty candidates come to file an appeal. Holes, lack of minutes, offices that only opened a few hours, intimidation or candidates accused of being close to armed groups … complaints are many.

In Kembé, 600 km east of Bangui, only one of the two villages in the constituency was able to vote sorry a candidate who came to submit his case. “The Seleka rebels prevented offices of one of the sites from opening,” he added. The latter had to go through neighboring Congo to reach Bangui, the road on the Central African side was not safe.

Same thing in Mbaïki, only 4,000 voters were able to vote out of more than 10,000 registered due to the intrusion of armed men, explains this candidate who has just submitted his request: “Only half of the constituency was able to vote, but with this trauma and fear in my stomach.Because when the vote broke twice.When people came to vote, there was an alarm that said the armed groups would come and that we had to run. ”

“A masquerade”

“This vote was a farce,” indignant a candidate from Bambari, who also came to present his case. Armed men fired several times during the morning. Only 3 out of 67 offices could open, she says, and again only 2 or 3 hours.

For his part, a candidate from Nola in the southwestern country accuses a rival of manipulating the ballot papers on polling day: “The commissioner and the head of the local gendarmerie company seized filled ballot papers. It was at the home of a candidate while the voting took place. The candidate was in possession of these ballot papers, he exclaims, presenting a photo that serves as evidence. Currently in the picture there are two urns here. “

Proof of support – photo, testimony, copy of minutes – applicants have until the end of the week to file their appeal. Thereafter, the Constitutional Court will have to examine these numerous requests before deciding on their validity by 28 January. All candidates show their confidence in the Constitutional Court.

In their report presented at the end of December, international observers, in particular from the Economic Community of Central African States (Ceeac) and the African Union, were satisfied with the conduct of the elections. More than 130 appeals have been filed in the Constitutional Court.

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