pro-Kabila clarifies their complaints

In the DRC, the FCC, the platform of ex-President Kabila, what it criticizes the age office, specifies the provisional office of the National Assembly, which was set up after the dismissal of its President Jeanine Mabunda. On Tuesday, deputies presented petitions against the members of this office, petitions to be investigated in the coming days.

as reported from Kinshasa, Commander Commander

Violation of the Constitution and national rules of the National Assembly and mismanagement of public funds: these complaints are, according to FCC Deputy Joseph Kokonyangi, those opposed the three members of the provisional board, called the senior board. For the elected Maniema, who remained loyal to Joseph Kabila, the three members of the office, including Dean Mboso Nkodia, went on the judgments of the Constitutional Court by changing the tasks given by the High Court.

He also accuses them of mismanaging the funds earmarked for the National Assembly: “Mboso Nkodia has received more than 32 billion Congolese francs. That was $ 18 million a few weeks ago. Other than that, Mboso Nkodia found $ 3 million in cash … Destination unknown! He must come and explain to us where all these sums have gone! ”

The petitioners also want a clarification of the $ 12 million budget requested for the organization of this extraordinary session of the National Assembly. These clarifications will reduce the temporary office, Kokonyangi promised.

For former Constitutional Court Judge Eugène Banyaku, this approach is intended to play the clock to hamper the constitution of parliamentary groups and the investment of the next office.


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