President Tshisekedi Announces Consultations on “A Sacred Union”


Félix Tshisekedi spoke to the nation on Friday night. In a speech of approx. 6 minutes later, the Congolese head of state listed the differences within the ruling coalition and announced that he intended to open consultations with the leaders of the political parties as early as next week.

Some expected a resolution, others to the appointment of an informant to form a new government, but finally the Congolese head of state is content to issue a warning to his partner, Joseph Kabila’s FCC.

Félix Tshisekedi looks back at the history of these “violent opponents yesterday” who have become allies, and of these differences, which have been accumulating for almost two years and which “are hampering development”, President Tshisekedi insists. Among these differences are electoral reforms, especially the composition of the Electoral Commission, but Félix Tshisekedi also cites peace and national security, diplomacy or the establishment of a rule of law that “irritates some nostalgic” …

As an example of the promotion of the rule of law, the Congolese head of state cites the service oath by three constitutional judges, avoided by its partner, the FCC, which rightly criticizes the procedure used and condemns a desire to bring justice into line.

Felix Tshisekedi announces at the end of his speech that he intends to start next week a series of contacts aimed at consulting political and social actors with a view to creating, an assurance, “sacred.” No possibility is ruled out , warns the Congolese head of state, promising a new declaration to the nation at the end of these consultations.

These consultations aim to recreate the government’s actions around the principles of participation in the country’s leadership. At the end of these, I will get back to you at a new address to inform you of my decisions, which does not preclude any scenario.

Félix Tshisekedi, President of the DRC


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