power outage in Libreville for five days

In Gabon, Libreville is facing a power outage. Originally, there is maintenance of a Port -Gentil – Libreville gas pipeline that supplies one of the most important power stations in Gabon’s capital. The work will last for five days. The Gabonese energy and water company (SEEG) has launched emergency generators, but electricity production is still insufficient, hence a load unloading plan that irritates Librevillois.

as reported from Libreville, Yves-Laurent Goma

This official who drinks palm wine with his friends left his office earlier due to the power outage in the city center: “We have to go out because the office is not air conditioned and with the heat I have to escape from the office.”

“We are in the dark” It is 22.00 on PK 10. Mr. Kinga and his family are in the dark: “Look, we are in the dark, with the children. Is this possible in Gabon? Today it is mosquitoes. We will live this. They are already starting to knit ”.

From day one, almost all Librevillois underwent this strain: “Why do they turn off the power? They must not turn off the power. Even the one who pays, it is necessary to cut. They just have to improve in another way, but how do they do that … They cut off the power but it does not work ».

Limiting the damage Guy Roger Remboundou, Director of Communications and Marketing at SEEG, explains the measures taken to limit the damage: “During this work, electricity production in emergency situations running on diesel will not be able to satisfy the entire population. We will provide electricity rotating every 55 minutes and so on ”.

The end of maintenance work on the Port-Gentil-Libreville gas pipeline, at the origin of these cargo unloadings, is scheduled for next Tuesday.


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