postal strike disrupts money transfer and parcel service

With the claim of the best working conditions, the agents of the Congo Post and Savings Company (SOPECO) begin this Tuesday, September 29, the second week of their indefinite general strike, which particularly paralyzes money transfer and receipt. and sending packages.

“Unlimited general strike, stay home!” These writings, posted at all entrances to the postal services, well padlocked, welcome users like Ulrich Malonga, who cannot withdraw the money sent to him from abroad in this agency, which is placed in the main reception of the post office. “There is no longer any possibility that I will receive the money because the post office is closed. Moneygram does not work either, this agency depends on the post office that is closed. So Moneygram can not work. This prevents us from sending and withdrawing, ”complains Mr. Malonga.

Dressed in a pair of jeans, Choisie Mbongo lost her smile as soon as she arrived in front of the main post office. “I came to pick up my package. But everything is closed. I am really sad and very disappointed to see that it is closed because I have a package coming from France, ”regrets Mademoiselle Mbongo.

More than 260 SOPECO agents across the country launched this indefinite general strike to demand the best working conditions. “Our list of demands covers a bit of everything, especially the payment of salaries that come in droplets because SOPECO’s workers today live in misery,” condemns Steal Gabio, spokesman for Intersyndicale.

The strike movement was decided after failed negotiations with the responsible ministry. The strikers are calling for arbitration by the Prime Minister.