political resilience among Congolese employers

Albert Yuma was unanimously re-elected by the Congolese leaders for three years as head of the Federation of Congo Enterprises (FEC) during the General Assembly of the country’s most important employers’ organization, this Thursday 26 November in Kinshasa. The 65-year-old Congolese businessman has been head of the FEC since 2005. He is one of the public figures who crystallizes the tensions between the two camps that make up the ruling coalition. Near Joseph Kabila, Albert Yuma is also chairman of the board of Gecamines, the country’s largest mining company.

as reported from Kinshasa,Patient Ligodi

In January, when the Congolese judiciary took a closer look at the dispute between Gécamines and Fleurette Mumi, a company owned by Israeli businessman Dan Gertler, it was almost the entire persecution of the former head of state that had risen.

“If we learn that something bad is happening to Albert Yuma, we will put everyone on their feet and paralyze this country,” said even Ramazani Shadary, permanent secretary of Joseph Kabila’s party.

According to several sources, the former president saw him as prime minister of the coalition government. His name has been suggested, but in the end it is Ilunga Ilunkamba, a less divisive character who will be appointed.

Economic scandals

Although criticized, Albert Yuma is still very much present in the economic life of the country. Which is not for everyone’s taste. Her renewal as Chairman of the Board of Gecamines in June last year by Félix Tshisekedi, had caused an uproar in the midst of civil society.

For example, the Public Expenditure Observatory (ODEP) estimated that the governance of this company under Albert Yuma had been marked by financial scandals that had led in particular to the International Monetary Fund abolishing its formal cooperation with the Democratic Republic of Congo in December 2012.

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